Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mars on Earth and Mars Analogs

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the science mission and rover planning session for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) CREATE 2014 ongoing two week Mars analog rover mission. It was fun and brought back some memories of my own experiences at Mars on Earth on Devon Island, home to the Haughton Crater and the Haughton-Mars Project which I was involved in for many years. It's hard to believe but its been nine years since I last went up. I'll have a story posted on Monday about the current CSA CREATE program but below are some of pictures of Mars on Earth on Devon Island. [My story on SpaceRef Canada]

From Google Maps, the Haughton Crater on Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Facebook and my Writing

Just a quick note that I've setup a new Facebook page,, to keep those interested in the progress of my writing including my first book, Blue Expansion, which is under development.

Could Canada's Future Include Launching Rockets to Orbit?

There's an effort underway by a new company called Open Space Orbital to raise funds to build Canada's first small satellite launcher which would be based out of Nova Scotia.

It's a long shot but does have a credible Board of Directors. Currently they've started a crowdfunding campaign to raise an initial $100,000.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Would a Liberal Government Reform the Canadian Space Program?

I recently published a story, some 3000 words, a speculative piece on what the consequences would be if the Liberals won the election next year. Here's an excerpt.

Astronauts? Check. Available Flights to the International Space Station? Um, Ottawa we a Problem

On July 2 I was live on CTV News Channel discussing Canada’s astronaut core and the lack of flights available to them to serve on the International Space Station until at least 2017. Unfortunately the interview was short and I was unable to bring up all the points I wanted to. This included the fact that a new commercial option(s) in the U.S. may be available in 2017 with the price per seat being as low as $20 million as compared to the current $70 million required by the Russians for which the U.S. is now paying.