Thursday, July 24, 2014

Would a Liberal Government Reform the Canadian Space Program?

I recently published a story, some 3000 words, a speculative piece on what the consequences would be if the Liberals won the election next year. Here's an excerpt.

Astronauts? Check. Available Flights to the International Space Station? Um, Ottawa we a Problem

On July 2 I was live on CTV News Channel discussing Canada’s astronaut core and the lack of flights available to them to serve on the International Space Station until at least 2017. Unfortunately the interview was short and I was unable to bring up all the points I wanted to. This included the fact that a new commercial option(s) in the U.S. may be available in 2017 with the price per seat being as low as $20 million as compared to the current $70 million required by the Russians for which the U.S. is now paying.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

An RD-180 Rocket Engine Replacement? SpaceX and Aerojet Rocketdyne Moving Forward

NPO Energomash RD-180 engine used by the Atlas V.
A recent editorial by Aviation Week hits the mark in discussing the need for an indigenous replacement for the Russian RD-180 liquid oxygen (LOX) / kerosene (RP-1) rocket engine to power heavy lift rockets in the U.S.

Congress in the past, at the urging of the Air Force, had started the process of funding a similar rocket engine but with the cost projections decided to forego the idea and rely on the Russians. As well, commercial entities at the time did not want to invest their own funds to develop such an engine.

Which puts us where we are today. But where are we exactly?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Questions About the Rumoured Google Satellite Constellation

I've been following this story for months and today after the recent Space News and Wall Street Journal articles I penned down my thoughts for a SpaceRef Business article. Read it here.

Other questions I didn't cover in the article include:

Who would build the 180-360 satellites? That would be a huge contract. Would Google buy the expertise and do it in house?

Which leads to another question. Who would launch the constellation?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ordering Back Issues of Space Quarterly Magazine

Although publication of Space Quarterly magazine has been suspended you can still order back copies, print and or digital, from HP Magcloud.

I've personally received many messages of support and I thank those who have sent in their best wishes. Perhaps someday the magazine will be published again.