Monday, August 15, 2005

Apple OS X on PC’s

In early July I attended the Apple WorldWide Developer Conference where I witnessed the announcement that Apple was transitioning to the Intel chip. Naturally this caused quite a stir. However after the initial buzz it was made clear that OS X would only run on Mac hardware with Intel chips. In my humble opinion that's a mistake. OS X is superior Windows XP so why not make it available for all PC's?? Sure you might lose some of your hardware market share, right? Well maybe not, I don't know if I buy that argument. Apple hardware sales are on the rise fueled by the iPod/iTunes craze and new Mac Mini. Just like iTunes fueled Apple's bottom line I think making OS X available for all PC's will help them as well. Anyway is yet another article on how the community is hacking the OS X to work on PC's.

More OS X on plain old x86 boxes: "OS X on Sony TR3Asrc="" align="right" border="1"
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We don’t know whether Justin Nolan—who answered the call of UNEASYsilence’s recent OS X Intel challenge—used the
same exact techniques as we saw before to do it, but it
looks like he too has joined the elite ranks of those running OS X on his PC laptop (in this case a Vaio TR2A, how
appropriate). Of course, these laptops won’t run Rosetta since none have SSE3, but if you want to talk straight up
functional x86 OS X, this is your biz.

(Via Engadget.)

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